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    A Bible for every person is possible

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    by strategically distributing Bibles and Scripture literature

Bibles and teaching materials distributed


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A Bible for every person is possible

Many believers lack Bibles or any access to portions of the Bible as Biblical materials for evangelizing and discipleship are very scarce. By donating $7, Mies Foundation can place a Bible in the hands of a child, youth, woman or man.

Donate a Bible

Our Mission

We have been called by God to equip believers, church planters, pastors, and ministries with Scriptures and Biblical literature to mobilize them towards the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

By financially supporting Christian workers and providing for their basic family needs we show God’s love and care in the life of His children. Also, equipping them to grow in their personal and ministerial journey.

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In the heart of the community

Where it matters most.

5,000 CCC- Casas Cultos Caribe

House Churches for the Caribbean

Homes have become the preferred meeting places for new believers and for discipleship. The advantages of this strategy are:

- Easy to access 
in very low income areas
- The focus is on gathering people rather than on infrastructure
- They are inside the communities
- Less commute time and higher participation

Give to this effort

Evangelism and Discipleship for Women

A project based on the Magdalene film.

Evangelism and Discipleship for Women

This project focuses on equipping local churches with Magdalene Film and materials of evangelism and discipleship to grow their community outreach for women and their families. This effort promotes the engagement of people with the Bible through small study groups.

Help Grow a Local Church

Equipping Workers on the field

Helping them fufil God's calling


Sustaining those that bring the word of God.

It was in a city called Zarephath that a widow was called by God to sustain the prophet Elijah. Mies Foundation has taken upon itself to provide much needed financial aid to those Christian workers and disciples that are responding to God's calling.

Equip a Worker


What they say about us

The women in our community are in great need and with Magdalena Project we will be able to minister the Word of God.

Melbis Talavera
Puerto Rico

When I went to prison to visit my son he asked me to bring him something. I only could imagine a fight right there in prison, but he looked at me and said ‘mom, I need you to bring me a Bible’

Amada Rivera

My home was a living hell.  Through the study of the Bible I have learned how to become the women that God wanted me to be. Now I know how to make wise decisions that in other times they would have been violent decisions.

Margarita Colón

Our History

When founder Alfredo Vallellanes was as a missionary in South America he realized that several pastors, missionaries, church planters and workers were serving the Lord with limitations on basic needs. One of the things he struggled with as a missionary was the lack of finances to purchase Bibles for newly converted families.

Through this experience, he realized that the emphasis of missionary support was more oriented towards buildings and structures instead of taking care of the people. Alfredo was convinced that a worker well-cared for would work and serve more effectively.

While planting a church in Paraguay, Alfredo and his wife Yolanda were inspired by a noble gesture of an anonymous entrepreneur who sent them small but useful monthly offerings that were used to buy Bibles and chairs for the church. They prayed to God that one day they could also help those working in the field through small monthly contributions and biblical literature.

God used Robert and Carolyn LeMaster to advice Alfredo and Yolanda in the shaping of Mies Foundation. LeMaster Foundation became the mentors of Mies Foundation. To this day, Mies Foundation has supported over 60 Christian workers around the world and has placed over 4,000,000 Biblical Literature (Bibles, New Testament, Gospels, Tracts) in the hands of those who need them.


Our Team

We envision Christian workers equipped with the Word of God, making true disciples and planting churches that transform their communities.

5 5 bis
5 bis
Alfredo Vallellanes
Founder & President
7 5 bis
5 bis
Yolanda Cauthorn
Co-Founder & Vice-President
6 5 bis
5 bis
Marielisa Garcia
Managing Director
5 5 bis
5 bis
Cristina Vallellanes
Director of Partner Relations
7 7 bis
5 bis
Willie Tirado
Accounting and Finance
6 7 bis
5 bis
Jofre Ayala
Organizational Advancement

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